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The Creative Time Summit 2013: Art, Place, and Dislocation in the 21st-Century City

Section 6: Resistors, moderated by Ivet Ćurlin of What, How and For Whom, with presentations by Levan Asabashvili

(Urban Reactor), Rachel LaForest, Jimmy McMillan, Ann Messner, and Chen Shaoxiong (Xijing Men)

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The Agency of Unrealized Projects | e-flux

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DuBois in Our Time Symposium

Art and Politics,  moderated by Susan Jahoda (Art UMass) with Bill Strickland (Afro‐American Studies UMass) and artists Ann Messner and LaToya Ruby Frazier

Du Bois in Our Time, University Museum of Contemporary Art, UMASS Amherst, MA   2013

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Town Hall Meeting

Democracy in America, The National Campaign, Creative Time
Town Hall conversations were held in Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and New York City in March 2008. Selected organizers, artists, and activists across a broad spectrum of cultural communities discussed five questions pertaining to strategic local and national activist concerns.

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Lifting—Theft in Art
Atopia Projects 2007
Lifting is a publication and a traveling exhibition of work from the 1970s onwards by artists who have—or claim to have—crossed a legal or moral line and committed theft in the name of art. Their motivations are diverse, from the frivolously mischievous to the critique of cultural structures.

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Watch What We Say

A telephone interview with Ann Messner on the subject of  The Courageous Resisters Award  2004

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Times Square Show Revisited
Curated by Shawna Cooper with Karli Wurzelbacher, Hunter College Art Galleries  2012

Making History: Accounts of the Times Square Show  link >
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The Real Estate Show
ABC No Rio Dinero: The Story of a Lower East Side Art Gallery
Edited by Alan Moore and Marc Miller
New York: ABC No Rio with Collaborative Projects 1985

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